Dogs and Limos

dogs and limosYou know, i was just thinking about the relationship that dogs may have with Limos.

Is it any different than what they think of any old car or do they understand that a limousine has a certain pi-nosh, character or upidtyness not found in your run-of-the-mill family sedan.

They say that dogs really have an understanding and an insight to their owners feelings and demeanor.

So, do you think they can tell if they’re sitting in the back of a limo with their master that they can feel how their master may feel a little special or pampered or important or whatever anyone feels when they’re cruising around in a status symbol like a limousine?

And if they do, how does that effect them?

Do they all of a sudden feel like they’re “above” other dogs or “more important” than other dogs?

Or, is that big black machine just another “animal” to be chased.

I think the government should do a study entitled “The Effect Of Limousines On The Psychological And Physical Well Being Of Mans’ Best Friend”.

Of course it would have to entail many breeds, sizes, ages of dogs from varying social and economic back grounds for it at have any validity at all.

I’d like to see how these animals behave on short rides, on long rides, with their owners, without, in the front seat, in the back seat, etc.

It would also be interesting if the final destination had anything to do with it.

Would there be a difference whether they go to the dog park or to the vet?

Whether the vehicle drives slowly or fast, whether they travel the highway or country roads.

All these factors have to be taken into consideration.

Who knows?

I remember having a very feisty Labrador retriever once named Blue.

And literally, their were two instincts that ┬ádominated his personality until about the age of eight. And I’m not talking about a slight domination, I’m talking about domination in the sense that these instincts accounted for about eighty percent of his instinctual power.

And they were…

Fetching… and mating with anything that could even remotely pass for another canine.

Just so you know what i mean, a pile of laundry or a blanket on the floor would send him into a sexual tizzy.

I remember oh so well, one time at a lake when me and my best buddy were playing fetch.

Again, I would only do this when i was pretty sure we wouldn’t encounter another dog.

Anyway, I’m throwing this stick in the water and he would go nuts swimming out to retrieve it until…

Yeah, you guessed it.

This nice lady with her dog showed up.

Her dog liked to play fetch too.

I knew this was not going to go well.

Blue was already out swimming after a stick when she throws a tennis ball for her dog.

Her dog jumps in and is bee-lining it for the tennis ball.

Blue, in mid swim lets go of his stick and Michael Phelps it to this dog in the middle of the lake.

With about twenty yards to the shore line Blue is trying to mount this poor dog who is obediently just trying to bring the damn ball back to her master.

Suffice it to say I quickly apologized and left with my totally frustrated canine.

Which brings us back to dogs and limos.

If Blue was in a Limo, the only thing on his mind would be how he could get some bitch in the back seat with him ;-)

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Hi And Welcome To My Newest Blog

Welcome to If you thought I’d be talking about dogs you’re sort of right. I’ve always loved dogs so these meanderings will be just that…

meanderings with stuff about dogs when i can throw it in there.

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